If you are looking for place where your child can excel to be the best he or she can be then you have found the right place! We are a martial arts school dedicated to helping people grow, be inspired, and give back to the community.


Ms. Shelly Deterville

Courage Martial Arts Owner

Courage Martial Arts is a recognized Martial Arts School since 2004. Ms. Deterville developed a nationally recognized Martial Arts program for children and families with bleeding disorders, cancer and other serious medical conditions.  As a nurse, Ms. Deterville was able to share her love of martial arts in a safe setting that allowed these families the opportunity to experience martial arts first hand; no one had to sit out. The courage of these families is what inspired the name of our studio, Courage Martial Arts.

In 2007 the decision was made to share the philosophy of CMA with as many people as possible and that is what has brought Courage Martial Arts here today.  We are a family run school that values a positive environment.  

Courage Martial Arts is dedicated to teaching martial arts to anyone who has the heart and willingness to learn.  Every student is considered a member of our family. On the way to earning their black belt students will discover their focus, confidence, discipline and self-esteem know no bounds.


Meet the people that make Courage Martial Arts a wonderful learning experience. Our instructors are trained to challenge our students in a safe, open, respectful and fun filled environment.

Mrs. Sarah Barrett

Sarah is married with 3 children, including her youngest who has had fun in our Preschool classes at age 2. She enjoys off-roading, camping, and photography. She enjoys being an Interior Designer by trade.

Mr. Matt Belson

Matt originally received his black belt at age 12. He decided to restart in the martial arts as an adult and continue his training at Courage. He enjoys teaching martial arts to both kids and adults. In his spare time he likes working out, biking, hiking and spending time with his two sons.

Mrs. Kim Dagit

Kim enjoys training in martial arts with both her son and daughter. When not taking karate lessons or instructing, Kim enjoys reading, painting kindness rocks, watching her children play baseball, and going to the movie theatre.

Mr. Pat Lewins

Pat has been with Courage for over 15 years! He is dedicated to teaching martial arts and does so with fun and creativity. Another favorite past time of his is supporting Green Bay Packers and enjoys manning concessions during home games.

Mr. Pete Lyons

Pete is a second degree black belt at Courage. His skill and knowledge of martial arts are vast and he teaches with great depth and creativity. He is married (his wife also a Black Belt) and has 3 children that keep him busy.

Ms. Carla Martin

Carla is a UWGB graduate and currently an after school teacher. She enjoys spending time with family hiking, camping and any outdoor activity. She has two dogs that keep her very busy and she fills her time with painting, sewing and gardening. Carla enjoys karate because of the physical element, but also for the mental focus. Courage is her second family.

Mrs. Alexandra Mundt

Alex grew up in Florida and moved to Wisconsin with her family in 2013. Her roles at Courage Martial Arts include instructor and a member of the Courage Leadership Team. Outside of karate she teaches kids meditation and kids yoga. She loves sparring, especially against her 3 children and husband, who are also students at Courage.

Mr. Chris Pasternak

Chris is the father of two. When not at work or practicing Karate, Chris can be found with his wife and children at their cottage in the woods. He also enjoys handy work around the house, wood working, and is kind of a technology geek, especially given his career as a Managing Director in Deloitte Consulting’s Cloud Engineering group. Chris will be the first to tell you his kicks aren’t the highest of those in the school, but you can bet he’s giving 100% and is passionate about helping students do the same.

Mrs. Joan Radtke

Joan has been involved in martial arts for about 14 years. At age 79, she is actively taking classes as well as teaches karate. She specifically enjoys teaching students (both kids and adults) with special needs. In addition to her instructor role she is the Office Manager and a part of the Courage Leadership Team. Joan has been married for 59 years and has 5 children, 10 grand children, 4 great grand children and 1 great great grand child. One martial arts goal she is proud of is completing a half marathon (she did at Disney World).

Mrs. Jill Stenson

Jill loves to spar and perform karate forms. She is married with three children. One of her sons is working towards his 3rd Degree Black Belt. In her spare time she enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her family up north.

Mr. Jesse Throne

Jesse enjoys growing as a martial artist and watching his kids and wife work towards earning their Black Belts. He loves that he can share this with his family. In his spare time he enjoys playing with technology and playing his guitar.

Mrs. Megan VandenBush

Megan, her son, and husband are all students of Courage Martial Arts. On her personal time, she enjoys writing fantasy novels with one already published, doing photography, reading, hiking, gardening and spending time with her husband, son, their four cats and one dog.