Black Belt Program

Congratulations to our 2022 Black Belts!

Courage is proud to promote 11 new martial artists to black belt, and 11 to their 2nd degree. Well done and Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment.

Courage is so proud of its Black Belts. Students that have earned this title have dug deep within themselves to become the best they can be. They’ve learned the qualities and created the character it takes to see things through to the end and become a respectable person that can better serve their community. They have become true leaders.

Becoming a Black Belt doesn’t end once a black belt is earned. Rather, the journey continues. Students learn to apply and develop his or her skill even further with the opportunity to reach the levels of 2nd degree, 3 degree black belt and on.

Black Belt Opportunities

  • Demo Team
  • Leadership Team
  • Weapons Program

For more information about our Karate program please call us at 920-770-6377. Or send us an email by filling out the form below. Request Information