White through Brown Stripe Classes

This program takes kids through the ranks to become a black belt.

This journey is so rewarding. Students build friendships, confidence to last a lifetime, they learn focus and determination to accomplish anything even through the toughest moments, they give and earn respect as an important person in the world. They will learn courage to do what is scary and hard no matter what.

Our program to black belt is designed to challenge your student in a safe, positive, and fun environment. As your child continues through the levels they become more than just a karate student, they become someone that has the opportunity to become a black belt, a title that holds great respect and value.

Once a student has reached Level 6 they are invited as Black Belt Candidates to train with our Black Belts.

Many parents have joined karate with their children as a activity to do together. It’s been a great experience for many families. As adults you can take the classes with your kids following the classes times for each belt level and join the adult class too!

For more information about our karate program please call us at 920-770-6377. Or send us an email by filling out the form below.